Hai ^.^ probably the 100th thread on this but every thread I have found never helped me. Anywho, I play sort of a combination between punk rock and metal drums (or at least i would like to) but Im wondering what kind of gear is generally used among these two generas. I know stuff isn't made for specific generas, its how the artists use this, but c'mon, we usually see drummers within the same music style using the same gear. I see a lot of metal drummers using Sabian cymbals, punk rockers using zildjan. What about the drums themselves? what is a size for each drum in a punk kit. Big basses? shallow toms? What about the heads. I bought a g2 360 head, the overtones... oh boy..
When I upgrade everything I think i'm gonna go toward punky drums but metal cymbals. Is there anyone like this around? i'm sure there is. I would love your help guys. Thanks ~Chris