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Thread: Click / Impact Pads: How to use them

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItalianAvalanche View Post
    Okay back with another update:

    I have still been securing them to the heads with tape. Lately I've been using gorilla tape. It seems to work just fine and allows the patch to be removed and put on a new head. I'd like to get my hands on whatever adhesive gorilla tape uses and put some on the back of the patch but then honestly it wouldn't be as transferrable. I kind of prefer the tape...
    I was thinking about trying that wall picture hook adhesive. Not sure how it holds up to shock but should be an easy remove.
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    It might work. I've had pretty terrible luck getting anything to stick without tape including factory-made products. The adhesive used on duct tape is called "pressure-sensitive adhesive" 3M makes an aerosol PSA so I might try that. Honestly the tape works fine and makes removal easy. I don't like it because of the aesthetic ugliness but I can't deny the utility and simplicity.

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