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Thread: questions about buying electronic drums

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    hey all,

    i'm looking into buying a new electronic drum kit, and have a few questions regarding what to look for and what to buy.

    - which brand? from what i've read, it looks like yamaha vs roland.

    i want to get the most realistic sound/feel, and i'm guessing that roland is the better option? (mesh pads vs rubber pads)

    i'm also interested in upgrade ability; for example, adding more toms, cymbals etc; again, i've read that roland wins here.

    my budget is around $2,000 (i'm flexible on the price)

    - what are my options for sound output?

    i likely won't be using headphones a lot, so i'm trying to figure out what i can use to output the sound.

    i talked to a drum sales guy, and was told i can use a typical home theater audio receiver, though i've read that this isn't ideal for sound quality.

    i see there's also drum monitors/amps, i'm guessing these are meant specifically for sound output for electronic drum kits?

    my preference is to have the best sound quality.

    any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I'd try to find a set of Roland V Drums. I've played several sets, and I'm actually getting ready to record with a set next month.

    Mesh heads are ideal, but if you can't get a set with mesh heads, at least try to get a "snare" with a mesh head.

    If you can buy used, try this b/c you can save a bundle of cash.

    If it were me, I'd at least give these a shot if you plan on playing live.

    Sort of sounds like they have levels up too loud for the vid, but you get the idea.

    I've not played any, so I can't vouch for them, but they look interesting.
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    Default Re: questions about buying electronic drums

    I get the best sound through my powered PA speaker. The sound through my bass amp is pretty good too.

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    Yeah, you can't go wrong with Roland, up to you to feel whether you like mesh, or are happy with the rubber pads, I actually like how the rubber pads feel. Apart from Roland, or Yamaha, Alesis makes some solid kits that are a bit cheaper than the two big guys, but anything lower than a DM8 has a bit of a poor module. The DM10 module is pretty much the same as a Pearl RedBox.

    As for sound, I'm with 8beat, a powered PA speaker, preferably with a 15" woofer, will sound adequate. Do NOT use a guitar or bass amp, edums sound terrible through them. A lot of people use JBL Eons, or the Mackie...umm, can't remember, think it's the Thump. I've used a Laney powered wedge that also sounded great.

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