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    Hey I have a roland TD30 kit but the problem does not seem to be the module but a hardware issue.

    whenever I strike the kick pad with the mallet, it produces a flam like quick double strike. basically a 16th or 32nd note when trying to do a 1/4 note lol

    i tried loosening and tightening the tension of the mesh... nothing

    I think its in the pedal springs... its a DW3000 double pedal. the left pedal does not seem to hardly do it.

    When I press the right pedal hard into the pad, its a solid single hit but when I play heel down and medium hard to light, it makes a quick 2nd hit on the pad

    any ideas on what I can do?
    I can physically see the pedal re-striking the pad so I know its not a sensor/module/triggering issue

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    Default Re: bass pedal double tapping

    My guesses would be to loosen the spring tension so that the beater doesn't want to come back as much, OR don't "bury the beater" when you play.

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