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    Hi Everyone!!! Need suggestions/opinions

    I currently have a Zildjian A 10" splash that i do not like the sound of anymore. To my ears it might as well be a small crash. It just doesnt seem to have a splashiness quality to it. If that makes sense. I have a Zildjian K Custom 8" splashiness i love. The KC is a rather thin cymbal. More so than the A. I would really like to get a 10" splash that you can lay into but not worry about bending and still maintain a splashiness to it. I currently alternate between 5A and 747 sticks. I am open to all brands so suggest away.

    Thanks everyone!!

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    A splash you can really lay into and not worry about bending is going to have to a heavier cymbal and will probably be a little clangy. If you want a real splash-type hiss you'll have to go a little thinner but you won't be able to lean into it as much.

    I've never tried a splash that has cut-outs like an o-zone - I think they're available. The bigger ones produce a lot of white noise so you might get a splashy sound from a smaller one.
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    Sabian AA splashes are awesome. Try some out!

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    I will definitely try the Sabians. I am also curious on trying the AA china splash. I use to have a B8 pro one. Curious to see how the AA one sounds. Has anyone tried the Paragon splashes?

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    I have both a 10" and 12" Sabian AAX splash. They are excellent and give me that splashy sound and none of the clang! I couldn't recommend the 10" highly enough.
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    I really like the way a Paiste 10" Signature splash and a Zildjian 8" A Custom splash sound paired together. Check it out if you get a chance.
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