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    Mike Palmer

    Drummer: Mike Palmer
    Main Band: Garth Brooks
    Main Style: Country Rock
    Brief Summary: Palmer was playing the Tampa, FL club scene with a country band when he made the decision to move to Nashville with his wife around 1987 or so. In 1988, he was introduced to a new singer in town, Garth Brooks, who was working on a record and needed a back up band. Mike got the audition and as they say, the rest is history. Mike has played to crowds as big as quarter of a million people (Central Park) and has traveled the world with the mega-star. He's referred to his career as a "Cinderella Story".

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    I remember reading the Modern Drummer article that pictures similar to this pic were shown. His is indeed a modern Cinderella story. Good on him.
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    We went to the Garth Brooks concert here in Atlanta in the brand new Mercedes Benz stadium last night. Here is the good and the bad of the experience....

    This palace of a building is a sight to see. A full 360 degree HD Halo screen is at the top of the building which is pretty awesome to look at. Kind of like the feeling you're in an Imax theatre but the building was definitely not built with having concerts in mind. The sound was so washed out you couldn't hear what he was singing and couldn't hear much of any one instrument if you were trying to pick one out as I was trying to do with Mike's drums. It was announced before the show that it was being recorded live audio and video and they certainly were with camera crew running around and at one point Garth himself taking the camera and running around with it.

    The stage was one of those "in the round" setups planted in the middle of the floor with 2 long runways extended on either side. Mike was not in the sphere he used a few years ago, he was sunken into the middle of the stage along with keys and steel guitar player.

    **He was playing a white Taye set which looked like about an 8 pc . His snare looked to be 8x14 matching white finish with wood hoops. 2 floor toms, 1 on each side like the big pic above. He had some extra percussion around the kit and Zildjian A Cymbals**.

    Garth really is a good entertainer and was really into giving the fans a good show running back and forth from one runway to the next in cowboy boots even. Its too bad the sound was so bad. I'm sure he got word when he took a little break for Trisha Yearwood to come out and do her set.. It was kind of a combined show like that. He made a few references that could've been due to the acoustics of the building in indirect ways thinking back on it. It's reported that some fans are even seeking a refund due to the washed out sound.

    But we had a good time nonetheless... it was the first concert ever in the building but I don't think they'll be working on the already multi billion dollar stadium to fix it for concerts. It's a football stadium and they probably want it loud with uncontrollable echo.

    Garth Brooks with Mike Palmer @ Atlanta Mercedes Benz stadium
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