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Thread: New original song (Country tune!)

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    Hey guys, I just wanted to share this new video from a recently completed session. I had never worked with a Country artist, more or less, before so I had a lot of fun (and my fair share of challenges in terms of appropriate composition) writing and recording this track. Hope some of you dig it. Thanks!


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    Very nice song! By the way those toms sound great!
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    Default Re: New original song (Country tune!)

    Thank you, glad you liked it!

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    Country sure has changed!

    Fun beat and your playing is nice. Don't care for the singer.

    Love the sound of that Meinl pang.
    - Tom

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    Thanks, drummer! Maybe this isn't full-blown Country, heh...probably more like Southern Funk..? I don't even know! To a guy rooted primarily in rock/metal, this is Country (generally speaking) to me! At any rate, I'm glad you checked out the tune. The Meinl's are sounding good, I agree

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