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    For those of you that want to put your prize drumsticks on display, here are some options.

    Case For One Drumstick
    Display Case for One Drumstick

    Case For One Pair of Drumsticks
    Display Case for Drumsticks

    Case For Two Pairs of Drumsticks
    Drumstick Display Case

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    If you have souvenir sticks that you got from a live show or concert, don't put them in a closet, hang them on the wall or proudly display them encased and protected on a shelf in your home or office. Your guests will love your prized memorabilia collection and it's a wonderful conversation piece. Did you get a pair of autographed drumsticks from a drum clinic? We have a case for them! Or maybe you just need to dress up your drum room. Now, instead of just posters, there's another decorating idea. Get an awesome drumstick display!

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    Mount your drumsticks on the wall. Here are some options:

    Drumsticks Frame to Mount on the Wall - One Drumstick
    Drumsticks Frame

    There's nothing like a room that's decorated with cool drumsticks. Drumming is our passion and we're proud of our drumsticks. Some you might have played with in the past. Others you might have got from your favorite concert. When the drummer throws the stick out to the crowd, it can be worth quite a bit to the person that catches. Why not mount that prized possession on a cool and customizable wall display for all to see. Drum Bum features several ways to show off your sticks. From cool desktop displays to fancy frames, our stick holders fit the bill.

    For One Pair of Drumsticks
    Drumsticks Frame - One Pair

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    Drum Sticks Wall Mount Holder - This wall mount model is practically invisible. It 'gets out of the way' so your drumsticks get all the attention.
    Wall Mount for Drumsticks

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    More Drumstick Holders

    Holds 7 Pair of Drumsticks
    Drum Sticks Holder

    Now drumstick collectors have several options and drummers have a place to put their sticks other than their stickbag!

    The above drum stick display holds up to 215 pairs of drum sticks! - $149.95

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    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    New at Drum Bum!


    Drumsticks Rack

    Made from a tough acrylic, this cool rack holds 25 pairs of your favorite drumsticks. Now, keep your drumsticks organized and show them off at the same time. Great room decor for the bedroom, practice room or studio. A drumstick display rack shows off your coolest sticks... or just acts as a convenient holder for any old sticks.

    Lots of cool drumstick racks, displays and holders at Drum Bum! Don't miss our new 2018 / 2019 website with new products and a brand new look. As always, please contact us if we can assist in any way. Celebrating 20 years! - 1 800 DRUM BUM

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