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Thread: Your top 5 cymbals

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    Here are mine, all Sabian:
    18" SR2 Thin (great low crash, good ride)
    16" AA Thin Crash
    19" SR2 Heavy (good ride)
    14' Hats (SR2 Medium top, XS20 bottom)

    Peace and goodwill.
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    Mark Wellman - drummer for Jesus; Mapex MPX snare, Mapex Armory Sabre snare, Mapex Saturn bass drum and toms / Sabian AA, AAX, SR2, XS20 / Evans / LA Backbeat

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    Love all my Bionics 14 hats, 17, 18 crashes, 21 ride and my 19" Zildjian Thrash Ride always sounds great too.
    RDM/Damage Poets
    UFiP TAMAHA Zildjian

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    I have more than 5 but they are all in the same family.

    I picked up a matched set of Paiste Signature Series cymbals and ended up buying the complete setup. 8/10" Splashes. 14" hats. 16, 17, 18, 20, Crashes and 22 Ride.

    The sound is so focused and bright yet smooth with no tinny bite. Awesome cymbals, sound and visually.

    20230124_152757 (1).jpg

    Signature here

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