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Thread: Cross sticking with Ahead sticks?

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    I had a couple pairs of Ahead sticks. They bent and broke, mostly because of rim shots. Also, the urethane sleeves on them are good for about one song (rock/punk/metal) if you change them properly. They're not cost effective. I ended up buying sticks from different manufacturers after that (I had used one specific one before the Ahead sticks) and went with the ones that felt the best to me and lasted the longest.

    As far as cross sticking, I tried it just to see what it would sound like and you get the metallic click/ping you'd expect from metal on metal contact with the rim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by late8 View Post
    Hey Tex! It looks as though you're making wood chips out of your sticks by riding the edges of the hihat cymbals. Simple suggestion is to lower you hihats by 1/2". I made a GIF from one of your drum videos when you're playing the hats and it clearly shows where you're breaking point is on the stick (2" below the tip??).

    Good grief Rich, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for this, very revealing. I'm betting no one has ever said you need to be MORE detail oriented.

    Thanks again to everyone. I'm going to work on several things here and I'll report back soon. It won't take long for me to see if this is working or not. Since I haven't always been a frequent stick breaker, I'm guessing my playing has gotten sloppy. You would think just the opposite since I'm playing more and more everyday.


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    I previously used Ahead sticks way back when they first came on the scene. I loved them. I never had any bend due to rim shots, and the sleeves lasted me as long as a pair of sticks. I play mostly rock and metal. However being out of drumming for about 10 years, when I started back up two years ago I went back to wood sticks. I tried using the Ahead sticks again and I just don't like the feel anymore. Now it is just a matter of finding the right stick.
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