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Thread: The Regret to Get Thread

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    My first new drum kit. A CB700 kit that, once I started playing out, I was embarrassed to be seen with because it was not a name brand and traded it in for my Slingerlands. In hindsight for what I paid for the CB700s, I could have had a used mid level name brand kit that would have served me many years.

    Acoustic Kits:
    Rukus Mod Orange Club 4 pc
    DW Design 6 pc
    Tama Silverstar Limited Edition Mirage 5 pc
    Tama Superstar 5 pc
    Gretsch Catalina Ash 4 pc

    Slingerland 7 pc

    Electronic Kits:
    Yamaha DTX532k
    Roland SPD-SX Sample Pad, Roland PD-85 (x3) and KD9 pads
    Alessis Sample Pad

    Tama SLP Black Brass
    Tama SLP G Maple
    Rukus Santos/Bubinga/Poplar/Wenge

    Tama, DW, Yamaha and Sonor

    Zildjian A Series, A Custom and K Custom

    Miktek, Audix and Shure

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    I heard this friend of mine's pang cymbal and it was the most perfect sound ever! Tried to get him to sell it to me even offering quite a bit for it but he wouldn't sell. So I bought another pang. A couple of years later, he called me to see if I still wanted it. Yes!! So I bought his and never played mine again, lol.

    Not the exact same regret scenario but similar.

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    - Paiste Alpha Medium Hats 14ď (already sold) -> top and bottom werenít same size so it didnít sound like it should.

    Evans Soundoff -> used it before the break and now with planning to play my acoustic kit at a rehearsal room I need to find, I donít need these anymore.

    Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride 20ď -> too tiny

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