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Thread: Right hand and arm always numb and tingling...

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    Default Right hand and arm always numb and tingling...

    It feels like my arm and hand are always "asleep". I thought it might be due to a lot of time behind the kit so I shrugged it off but the numbness never stops. It got so bad that I had an x-ray done two weeks ago. I'd like to share the results just in case any of you out there are experiencing the same kinds of issues.

    I was told I have a condition known as cervical spondylosis which is basically arthritis of the neck. It affects a lot of people, especially older adults (I'm 54). Cervical spondylosis causes myelopathy, a term used to refer to any condition that creates problems in the spinal cord. The term myelopathy literally means "sick spinal cord".

    X-ray#1 left view: reveals bone spurs (yellow circles). The body naturally creates bone spurs for areas that are weak and need support. According to my doctor, the bone spurs in my lower neck are due to the narrowing of the disks in my lower neck area (red brackets). The disks in my neck become more narrow to a point where the last one is almost completely compressed.

    X-ray#2 back view: reveals a better view of the narrowing of the nerve passage which could be causing the numbness and tingling in my arm and hand:

    X-Ray#3 right view- reveals the best view of the narrowing of the nerve passages. Note the dark circles as they get smaller in diameter towards the lower region of my neck. The dark circles represent the nerve passages and the last one is almost completely blocked by arthritis thus pinching the nerves:

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