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Thread: difficulty tuning gretsch renown drum

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    I recently purchased a 5 piece set of Gretsch Renown Maple drums. Used for 700$, in like new condition. Aside from what I will mention below, there is very little to complain about. Previous to me, the kit was owned for about a year. The person who had them took good care of them.

    Rack tom diameters are 10, 12, and 14". Without too much effort, I've been able to tune the 10 and 14 to get a full, warm sound. The kit had new batter heads on top (g2's, which I don't have much experience with) but the stock heads remained on the bottom so I replaced them with clear ambassadors...

    I've spent a ton of time on the 12" tom and haven't had any luck in getting the same amount of tone that I've been blessed with the 10 and 14. The drum just sounds flat and uninspiring compared to the others. I tried retuning it again tonight and inspected the bearing edges on the top and bottom. On the batter side, there are two small nicks less than a centimeter apart from each other. (I'm hoping they're small enough to not make a huge difference, but who knows. They're visible but not super noticeable upon first glance.) The reso bearing edge has very small particulate bumps in a few places, noticeable if you run your finger across.

    What could be the problem? I've been very meticulous in seating and clearing both reso and batter heads, but if I run my hand around the drum on the reso side it feels as if the head still might not be making contact. I can sometimes improve the sound enough that I think "it's almost there!" but as soon I continue in the same direction, however slight, it's lost again.

    Thank you for any and all feedback/responses!!!
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    Have you checked it for roundness? Can you lay a head on the bearing edge (both sides) and spin it freely? Usually the 12" tom is the easiest for me to tune on most kits but I have never owned a Renown however they do have a good rep.

    this guy has some great tips, check it out.

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    Great video. Tommy Harden is a stud. Reba McEntire's long time drummer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by texdrumr View Post
    great video. Tommy harden is a stud. Reba mcentire's long time drummer.


    Tommy's tuning video above is very good ... a simple, practical approach to tuning a tom ...
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    Try an Evans clear G1 reso. It will set on the bearing edge better than the Remo.

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