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Thread: Need help with drum triggers

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    Default Need help with drum triggers

    I'm looking for a snare and bass drum trigger to use with my Roland SPD-SX but I dont want to spend a fortune. The Ddrum Red Shot triggers get decent reviews at a low cost but I'm hesitant because they are so inexpensive. The Roland triggers run about $99/each with the same reviews. Thoughts? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Check this out. Very inexpensive and seems to work well.

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    Thanks for sharing the video...not sure I want to go through modifying my drums that much as I won't be using the triggers at every gig. It's an interesting video - I wonder how much it effects the overall sound of an acoustic set when not using the triggers. Thanks!

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    Do a Google search for Pintech. I had used those years ago. No issues other than I used adhesive caulk to attach them. I think they come with stick on backings now.

    Also, if you go to Radio Shack and look at piezo devices, they work, also. I made my first homemade electronic drum kit out of PVC pipe, plywood cut in round shapes, whatever size you want, roofing rubber and the Radio Shack piezos and it worked great. Eventually I was able to cut loose with the money to buy a TD -5 kit.

    I'd go the Pintech route since the piezos didn't have a built in jack.

    If I'm not mistaken you can get an entire set of 4 or 5 for around $60 USD.
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    The DDrum redshots are okay, they use a TRS jack built into the trigger. I prefer their Acoustic Pro triggers, they're a little more robust and use an XLR cable and trigger pretty well; you can pick up a 5 pack with a dual trigger snare, 3 single toms and a kick for around $200. If you want to dive into some head-to-head reviews of pretty much any external triggers, search out digital drummer mag.
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