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    Hi all, my musical tastes are many. I listen to a lot of different styles. Something you will not find me listening to is popular mainstream radio music. If it gets a lot of AirPlay I most likely will not care for it.

    I listen to a lot of heavy music. I love the emotion, the power, and the overwhelming depth of feeling that comes from the greatest heavy bands out there.

    One band I have recently come across is Everygrey. I follow Prog Power USA on facebook and they posted a video from the new album. I was drawn in imeadiately.

    Hymns for the Broken is one of the best albums I've heard in my lifetime. It's heavy, it's mellow, it's emotion, feel, power. This album gives me a high that no drug could compete with.

    I've loved music since my first Beatles album back in 67. When I listen to music , I do just that and nothing else, I listen. I sit alone in my music room, in my favorite chair, and I listen. Music can take you places if you let it.
    To this day my wife does not understand how I can spend so much of my life just sitting and listening to music. It keeps me alive, plain and simple.

    Hymns for the Broken is one of the few out of the hundreds I own that is set apart from the rest. It's a masterpiece from start to finish.

    Here are a couple songs from the album. I recommend hearing the entire album from start to finish with no interruptions , but these will give you a taste.
    The opening, The Awakening/King of Errors

    Archaic Rage

    Missing you
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    Sweet another Evergrey fan!! I'm a huge fan. Theor music is so strong with such emotion. Their singer can really just hit a spot that touches home... I love it.

    Recreation Day is my favorite Album.

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    I just found out they are playing opening night of Prog Power USA this year. Wednesday September 9th. May have to make the 1200 mile drive again. My wife and I went last year to see DGM and Pagan's Mind.

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