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Thread: Snare Conversion/Refinish Project (Pic heavy)

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    Well, I've been a lot busier in the past few weeks than I expected, so progress has been slow, but has certainly happened...

    Drum is pretty much finished, have it stained with four coats of polyurethane for a nice satin finish. Lugs are assembled and attached, snare butt attached, and the snare strainer is on a different drum (going to get a p-86 for the supra). I have heads, batter hoop, tension rods, and snare side hoop, wires, washers are on their way.
    Basically everything's covered just gotta order and let them arrive.

    Pics of everything done pretty soon (my goal is to be finished by mid-june)!!!
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    Default Re: Snare Conversion/Refinish Project (Pic heavy)

    I think it turned out pretty decent.
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