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Thread: Biscayne set?

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    Default Biscayne set?

    Has anyone ever heard of Biscayne - Professional Drum Design out of Miami, FL ? I found a Power 1750 set at a local church rummage sale, bought it for my godson who wants to be a "rock star". I have not been able to find any info about it on the web - any thoughts?

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    Hi thefraz, Welcome to drumchat!

    Biscayne drums are a beginner set that originated around the Miami area. They are one of the mass produced sets that drum shops buy a large quantity of and put their own name on (like Percussion Plus, Venus, CB Percusion, etc... They usually sell for around $350 new and I see a few of them going for about $200 - $250 used. I have heard that they sound pretty good once the heads are replaced, but the cymbals that come with them sound like trash can lids. It is a good set for someone to learn on, but I would replace the cymbals as soon as possible. It should last him a couple of years. Long enough to determine if he really wants to be a drummer or not. At that time, he can upgrade to a better kit.

    I hope that helped a little.
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    Is that the kind of line that Musicians Friend dubs "Pulse" and Sam Ash calls "Groove Percussion?"
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    Yes. The drum sets are mass produced, then they are sold to the different companies that put their name on them and sell them as their "entry level" kits.
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    Thanks for the info, I guess I got an ok deal on it then. I paid $50 for it with Sabian hihat & thin crash. You are right, the heads definitely will need to be upgraded if he gets serious about playing but its a good start for a 13 year old.

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