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    When I was in high school, we read the short story, "The Scarlett Ibis," by James Hurst. It's a very moving and inspirational story about family relations and the motivations that drive us sometimes to the point of cruelty. The relevant passage:

    "There is within me, and with sadness I have noted it in others, a knot of cruelty, borne by the stream of love - much as our own blood sometimes bears the seeds of our destruction."


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    My sister and I never got along well growing up. But now that we are older and live in other cities and have grown into adults we have a bond stronger than imaginable between the two of us. My sister is my world and family is everything. I've also grown closer to my father in the last couple of years and once a month the wife go over on tuesday nights to grill out and just hang out it's a wonderful time.

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    Thanks Spaz,

    The short story above is all about those sort of sibling rivalries. My brother and I were extremely competitive growing up, and a lot of that rivalry turned quite nasty. Unfortunately, I was never able to make amends for my part in it all, as my brother was killed in a car accident. So the reconciliation never came. I hope he can hear my prayers. I'm very happy that you are making the family connections that are so important.

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    Man GeeDee, thats very sad.

    I also didn't get along with my brother at all, then after I moved to Europe, it got better and now we have a good relationship. I think his wife was also helpful in that...

    Honestly, the family that I see the most is the least like me (minus my brother, we're very similar). Different value systems, mentality, world view, ect. Part of that is not really liking a lot of those things as they are typically found in Americans, and part of it is that I'm a bit of a jerk sometimes.

    My family here, well there's my cat, my ex (but still legally current) wife and her mom. I miss my brother and his kids, it'd be a lot worse if i didnt have music, but thank God for drums!!!

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    I solved my family problems quite easily.

    I moved away from them.

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