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    So I've just responded to an add for the above kit and would like your advice DC:

    Pluses: It has the exact dimensions I want, the price is actually under what I was willing to pay and I think i might even get a bit more off, they are apparently light

    Minuses: Not the biggest fan of the finish, I read they have a bit of a wet sound and a vid i watched seemed to confirm that, I'm not the biggest fan of these long bass drums which seem to be 'in' these days.

    I'm playing on my mentor's kit, which is amazing, but it's a bit more for jazz in my opinion, and playing on a 5 piece would be easier for me. I would like something universal, but in my bands I play modern rock and blues rock.

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    What you're looking at is a discontinued line of drums. That's why so cheap, too.
    The Force 2007 are birch shells, which are known for a slightly brighter sound and controlled overtones. Drum size only goes so far in determining sound. Head choice is a much larger factor in honing in on your sound.
    If you hate the finish, you could look into re-wrapping them. Bum Wrap Drum Co. is a good supplier of new wraps. Fairly cheap and easy to install.
    Good luck
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    Default Re: 2012 Sonor Force 2007 Stage 1

    I'm a Sonor fan for life do to being Bias. I'm also part of that "in" crowd because I want a short but long bass drum myself.

    I have a good friend with a Sonor Force kit and it definitely has a cool sound. I get the wet comment for sure. Very big long sustain

    Which finish?
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    Default Re: 2012 Sonor Force 2007 Stage 1

    I guess it would be either a natural finish or some kind of beige. I guess rewrapping is an option, especially since this is already under budget. I know a few graphic designers too, so maybe even something custom...

    I guess I'll see how it sounds and let that be the deciding factor...

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    I've had a 3007. The maple equivalent to these and it was a great kit.
    Regarding the kit having a wet sound is probably more about head choice. With the right heads you can get a dryer sound out of it to.
    Best regards/Daniel
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    I owned a Sonor Force 2005 for quite a few years. It was a great kit..................probably the best I've owned for the cost.

    They are top notch drums IMO

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    Default Re: 2012 Sonor Force 2007 Stage 1

    I had a listen today, the snare is pretty poor, the drums did sound quite ok, especially at that price point. I will have replace the reso head on the BD (he cut a hole in it), maybe some of the other heads, but it's not a bad kit at all. Didn't seem too heavy either, which is a plus.

    I'll go again Wednesday with my mentor, see what he says. So any more comments would still be greatly appreciated.

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