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    I got the Q8 last week, just haven't had a chance to do anything with it other than a fast video that I haven't looked at yet.

    There are certainly a lot of features on it.

    Recording Mode

    Video Resolution Settings

    Audio Quality Settings

    Zoom in/out

    Mixer Screen

    Phantom Power Settings

    PAD Settings

    LO CUT Settings

    Dynamics Settings

    Stereo Link Settings

    Level Meters

    Most of the above are on a TouchScreen, so if you have big hands, it could be a (minor) problem.

    I'll try to get something up tonight so you can compare the Q8 with my Q4.

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    Sounds good Rick! I'm ready for a good video.
    Take care and seeya!


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    Great Rick hope to see you in action on it soon.
    One of the reasons why I don't have one too technical for me I am an old school boy that just like things to be simple and easy.

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    that'll be nice! Nice pickup
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