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Thread: Anyone tried this before?

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    Default Anyone tried this before?

    EDIT: Just noticed I wrote "tired" instead of "tried" in the title...

    [If fixed it for you. - Tom]

    Hey guys, so I was setting up my kit today and was playing around with some different configurations, and some spare parts that I had lying around, and I took an old head snare head and laid it upside down, on top of my snare. It made such a difference! Obviously having the extra weight on the drum is going to muffle the sound, but it really changed it, and it strikes me as something that could be potentially useful at a gig where different snare sounds could be needed.

    Anyone else tried this or something similar before?

    I put together a quick video of my findings to hear the difference. I do have EQ on my drums in the video, but the settings are exactly the same for the normal snare sound against the one with the extra head.

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    Never tried another head no.

    Just the classics like a towel and shirt.

    I'll have to try it tonight
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    The closest that I have used is the "O" rings. Never another head will have to try that too. Thanks for sharing.

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    I like it. Thanks for posting. Adding that drum head really deepens the sound. I like deeper sounding snare drums anyway.

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    Yup...did that years ago . I just thought everyone else was doing it too .

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    You could cut the aluminu hoop off an old head.....just like making studio rings, but rather as a full disc as opposed to a ring.

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