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Thread: Buddy Rich T-shirts, Hats & Mugs

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    Hey guys,
    Drum Bum just added some new Buddy Rich products. Check it out!

    Buddy Rich T-shirt

    Buddy Rich T-shirt

    He was a legend. One of the most famous drummers in history. Yes, he was coc ky and some of his band members even said abusive at times, but he was no doubt one of the most noted drummers of a whole era. Today's generation is not as familiar with this legendary drummer but what they might not know is, he shaped the current culture of drumset playing.
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Buddy Rich T-shirts, Hats & Mugs

    Buddy Rich Signature Mug
    Buddy Rich Mug

    You might recognize this logo. It's only the logo of one of the most famous drummers in history.

    Buddy Rich Hat
    Buddy Rich Hat
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