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Thread: Sticks!!!!!!!

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    sonic_underground Guest

    Default Sticks!!!!!!!

    Ok im a fast paced punk drummer and i drop my sticks alot!
    any one got any advice??
    Please im pretty desperate

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    The biggest question is how is your basic stick technique? Having said that, it could be that your hands are getting sweaty, and the sticks get slick. If that's the case, natural finished sticks, a stick wrap, Gorilla Snot, or drummer's gloves could help you a lot.
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    I agree with PB, especially with the gloes and wrap. The way you hold your sticks is a big part in this situation. Not saying you are, but you could just be holding them wrong. Make sure your grip isn't too tight, that will cause alot of unwanted damage to your hands and limit your mobility. Also make sure it's not too loose as your sticks will definately tend to fly out at any given moment (which I guess is common knowledge lol). Everyone will make their own assumptions when they see pros playing with their techniques. The only thing is, we're not them, so we can't get that feel by watching a video. Check out, I think they have some tutorials on how to hold your sticks for fast paced playing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonic_underground View Post
    Ok im a fast paced punk drummer and i drop my sticks alot!
    any one got any advice?
    Yea, hold on to 'em!

    Seriously, I would get with a teacher for a short bit and let him help you with your hand technique. That small investment could make a world of difference.
    - Tom

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    its all technique.... I think it was styx that uses gloves (Sorry if im wrong :S) But i believe gloves are only good if your playing long long periods. I did 6 or an 8 hour session once and i got blisters... Gloves would have helped there. But atm i practice 3/4 hours and dont drop sticks at all and dont get blisters. (but on the verge of starting)

    Drummer is right. Teachers are normally great for technique
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    Shazane Guest


    I used to have that problem sometimes.

    I got some sticks that have this coating grip like these,

    Never dropped them again, except if I go in too low for a fill and push one out of my hand on the rim.

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