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Thread: What to choose for a 9 year old kid

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    Hi all,

    As Christmas is coming & my son wished for a drum kit but I have no clue about these products.
    Checked out on some websites & I've got few concerns:

    - Roland & Yamaha are popular brands, which is better?

    - Between drum pad and drum set, which I should buy for beginners & also good for expert practising later?

    - Compared the price on Amazon for eg:

    [Commercial links deleted. Please see forum rules. Thx, - Tom]

    the drum pad is way cheaper & portable but how about the quality, is it worth?

    Please tell me your advises, I'd very appreciate it!

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    Default Re: What to choose for a 9 year old kid

    I would start him up on a very cheap kit that way if he hates it then you did not waste your money. Pearl Export EXX entry level kit is priced right for a beginner and comes with the hardware. Good luck.

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    Default Re: What to choose for a 9 year old kid

    Well if someone practicing drums silently is good for YOU, then go electronic. If you don't mind the early stage noise of learning drums then go for a real drum set. The post right above is good advice if you go that direction. You can get decent kids sets now a days also at places like Wal-mart etc... That is always an option for an inexpensive beginning point. At any rate, a drum set is a great Christmas gift. I know first hand. Good luck.

    all the best...

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    USED also is a great option. I wish my dad would have done that for me. I wouldn't have known a difference and with a used one you could possibly either save a lot on a kit you were going to buy either way or you could get a nicer kit for the same and if he isn't into it you can sell it and get more of your money back. Between an E kit and Acoustic my personal preference is acoustic thats what I've always had. If you are like my parents and can sleep through me drumming go acoustic but if you don't like the noise go to an e kit. Lessons will also be a helpful thing so he could grow quicker on the set.

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    Great advise here...
    What kind of music does he like? Does he have favorite group or a favorite drummer?

    Electronic kit is great for quiet practice but if your son likes rock n roll, he may prefer an acoustic drum kit. If he likes pop/hiphop than an electronic or e-kit is the way to go.

    Either way, a clean used kit is a great option as you can usually get a better quality used as you can a new entry-level unit.
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