This is an independent album available on iTunes, CDbaby, etc... I think it was 8 years in the making with a great story behind how it came about. It was started by two friends/co workers. After the project was started Joe Trujillo moved from here in Virginia to New Mexico and the album was finished via the internet with his friend Mike "Mook" Payne. I met Mook through a friend of mine when he became the drummer in my friends band. Joe is a fantastic songwriter, acoustic player and vocalist. Mook played drums, electric guitar, bass, and keys. As well he mixed and produced the album. An absolute great musician. It's kind of hard to describe the music to be honest. It's great storytelling for a start. It's part haunting, part toe tapping, and part inspirational. Everything fits well in each song which I found surprising for what is basically a home made album. I don't want to sound like Im promoting an album for a friend but it is a really good independent effort. If you get a chance head over and listen to some samples.