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    I recently acquired this new stick bag, because my old one couldn't hold all of my drum stuff. I saw this on-line, and thought it looked cool, and bought it. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and love it. Here is my review:

    The stick bag is very useful, mainly for the fact it can stand up:

    The top lid of the bag comes off if you pull the zip all the way to the end, which means i can have it next to me while i am playing, and make good stick changes. There is an insert, so it can split into four sections, But it can be taken out (i split mine into different categories).

    Underneath the lid is a good sized pocket for drum keys and stuff. I keep and egg shaker, ear plugs and a tuner in there as well:

    On the top of the lid there is a small pocket, which can also be used for drum keys, but i found that it is perfect size for my triangle and its beaters:

    Overall, This a a very, sturdy and well made product, all of the zips are strong, and it is useful for a percussionist.
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    The tube design would be very useful. I've never really like the bags that zip into a flat pouch. It looks nice too!
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    isnt that cute! I like the top pocket and overall design.
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    Tamastar.................thanks for the review.
    Looks like a great bag..............the design is well-done.

    I own AHEAD drum bags for my 18FT and my 24BD.............both are great.
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