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    Hey guys,

    Is it normal that when doing bass drum exercises (only 5 minutes each) your shin thigh and butt area hurts? I make sure to do a little stretching before i start but will the pain let up eventually?

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    Hey Keish,
    Sorry you're dealing with this. A few thoughts/questions for you.

    Does the pain eventually go away while playing? If so, it could be that you're still building up muscle/stamina. I have no idea how long you've been playing drums. But I remember when I was first learning that my hands would ache something fierce for the first few minutes of playing. Eventually the pain would go away and today I feel nothing. I can only logically think that it was a muscle/stamina building thing.

    Secondly is your throne height/kit configuration. Maybe try a few different set ups to see if something feels better. I personally like a really tight kit set up (meaning everything very close together to minimize unnecessary movement). Throne height could definitely be the issue for you. Raise it, then lower it. See what you dig most.

    Lastly, how 'loose' do you play? Do you feel like you're completely tensed up or are you relaxed? Shoot for loose and relaxed. If you're using muscles that are tense then you are taxing an already stressed muscle group.

    Just a few thoughts - hope they help. Give us a report as you make progress and best of luck!


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    Yeah, what Tex said! I was going to suggest try raising or lowering your thrown height.
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    Over-tensing can be an issue too, when I'm drumming comfortably my whole body is very relaxed even if it's moving chaotically.

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    You are obviously doing something wrong.

    As mentioned, throne height is a possibility.

    It might be that you are just too close to the pedal.

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