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    Talking Armoria

    Our band is called "Armoria". Armoria plays Speed Metal/Power Metal with attitude. We have played together about a month with this name. Originally we started January 2015 with name "Aromanest", but we decided to change band name a month ago, when our members has been changed a couple of times. Also we thought that name Aromanest has bad karma or something. Very challenging start...

    January 2015 assembly (No name yet..):
    - Vocals: Joni, Guitar: Jyri, Guitar: Matti, Drums: Juhis, Bass: Tomi

    March 2015 @ Aromanest:
    - Vocals: Tanja, Guitar: Jyri, Guitar: Matija, Drums: Juhis, Bass: Tomi

    April 2015 @ Aromanest:
    - Vocals: Emilia, Guitar: Jyri, Guitar: Mika, Drums: Juhis, Bass: Tomi

    August 2015 @ Aromanest:
    - Vocals: Nina, Guitar: Kimmo, Guitar: Mika, Drums: Juhis, Bass: Juho

    September 2015 @ Aromanest:
    - Vocals: Laura, Guitar: Kimmo, Guitar: Mika, Drums: Juhis, Bass: Juho

    November 2015 @ Aromanest:
    - Vocals: Sami, Guitar: Kimmo, Guitar: Mika, Drums: Juhis, Bass: Juho

    December 2015 @ Aromanest:
    - Pause

    January 2016 @ Armoria:
    - Vocals: Emilia, Guitar: Jyri, Guitar: Janne, Drums: Juhis, Bass: Topi
    (Bolded reunited last year members..)

    As you can see, only original members is lead guitarrist Jyri and me. Maybe this is finally the group that lasts.. At least feeling good..!

    We don't have CD releases yet and with this exactly group we haven't had any gigs yet. We have same lead guitarrist, vocalist and drummer than with old name last year. With Aromanest, we played a couple of gigs and there is video material in youtube in channel "aromanest official". Own songs are the same but we have improved songs a bit and also have couple of new songs of own material in the making..

    We hope that we get to the gigs and perhaps get CD release one day.. We enjoy playing metal music and we enjoy playing together. Let's see what the future holds..!
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    Sounds good Juhis, when you get something recorded post it up. Nice double bass!
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