Drummer: Jaska Raatikainen
Main Style: Heavy Metal
Main Band: Children of Bodom
Brief Summary: Raatikainen started at a young age to play the piano and horns, which he played in a large jazz orchestra (big band). While in the sixth grade Raatikainen was inspired by the drums when he saw drumkit at school. In the junior high school Raatikainen acquainted with Alexi Laiho and soon they started to play together. Later they formed a band called Inearthed. Raatikainen brought Alexander Kuoppala and Janne Wirman along to the band. At this point the band name was already Children of Bodom.

Other Facts: Raatikainen is very sworn double pedal user. Today he has two bass drums even left function is being decorative. Hate Crew rolling over Europe tour Raatikainen also played a short drum solo for the first time, attempting not to impress the audience with fast blast beats and double bass public-sections, like many drummers do, but to give the general impression of all abilities.