I have a rehearsal space that measures 21' (L) x 15' (W) x 8.75 (H). I'm going to be recording a friend's band in this room. I'm currently trying to figure out the best placement for the drums. I've posted this topic in a few other forums (without many responses), but when I did get a reply, it's been pretty unanimous to place the kit one end of the room length wise. Someone before me built a wooden shelf system that spans the from wall to wall (width wise) at one end of the room and then continues around a corner of the room and covers 50% of the side wall (length wise). The shelf measures 6'8" (H) x 2' 11" (W).

I can't remember which forum it was, but it was recommended that I put the drums under the self and then stock the shelf with items of various sizes and weight in random spots. The logic was that the sound will be dispersed in a way that will aid the recording. Does anyone agree/disagree with this method? I'm pretty sure that once I clear out the space under the shelf and put the kit there that the front of the kit (where the crash, ride and possible part of the snare and high toms will protrude from under the shelf).

Others have recommended placing the kit in the middle of the room, but the band is dead set on recording live, so placing the kit in the middle won't work in the scenario. Putting the kit at the end of the room (length wise) is definitively the best spot, if I can get it to work out properly.

Any suggestions welcome.