I know this may be a long shot, but what the hell. I'm looking for an 18" Sabian Hand Hammered crash to go with my 16" HH crash. I'm also looking for a pair of Sabian HH or HHX hi-hats. I have a few cymbals to offer in trade. I have a 20" Zildjian K Custom ride, a pair of like-new Zildian 13" A New Beats hi-hats, an 18" Sabian Xs20 Chinese cymbal, a 17" Sabian AAX Stage crash, 18" and 19" Sabian AAXplosion crashes, and a pair of 14" Sabian AA Fusion hi-hats. So if you have what I'm looking for, and want a couple cymbals in trade, hit me up, we'll figure something out. If you want more detailed pics of a certain cymbal, let me know.