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    Father's Day Tips
    1. You donít need to plan a huge celebration to let your dad know just how much he means to you. Sometimes it means more just
    to spend the day with him doing a hobby that he loves Ė even if you donít.

    2. Even dads like breakfast in bed. It does not have to be an elaborate meal Ė especially if you have kids underfoot. Just a hot cup of coffee, a bowel of his favorite cereal and some toast will work. Remember it is the thought that counts.

    3. Some dads may like the idea of the gift of a day off. Don't bother him with petty things on Father's Day. Let him sleep in for a change and let him do what he wants throughout this day.

    4. Give your dad a homemade coupon book. In it you can put coupons that are redeemable for a home cooked meal, mowing/watering the lawn, cleaning the garage, or any other chores around the house that your dad might do on a regular basis.

    5. Make your dad a handmade card with a heartfelt message inside. Homemade cards are more meaningful and memorable... and they don't get thrown away.

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    Father's Day Gifts

    6. Make up a small gift bag that includes health stuff for dad like Zinc, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin C and other vitamins. Maybe include a subscription card to a Men's health magazine.

    7. Let dad have the remote ALL DAY. Put off your favorite TV shows (maybe you can record them for later) and let him have the whole day to watch whatever he wants.

    8. Some people like to plan the day for dad on Father's Day but how about letting him decide. Maybe he doesn't want to go to the special outing or be around people at all. Leave it totally up to him to decide.

    9. Don't for get pictures and video! Bring the camera and the video recorder (most people now have them in their phone) and make sure you're documenting this special time with dad.

    10. Plan ahead if you have something special for him. Many people wait until father's day has arrived and you might find that tickets to an event are already taken or seats reserved. Start early with your planning.

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    I think I'd turn down the bowel of cereal

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