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Thread: Ufip B12 Earcreated 20" ride info?

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    Default Ufip B12 Earcreated 20" ride info?

    Drummer newbie here, I cant seem to find any info on Ufip B12 Earcreated series cymbals.

    I see Ufip B12 in hand cymbals but little to nothing on drum cymbals in the B12 series.

    This particular cymbal is a fairly heavy ride cymbal (haven't weighed it) and doesn't sound bad by any means.

    I am going to take this cymbal (along with some other cymbals) to a drum store for evaluating.

    Any info or opinions are appreciated!

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    Default Re: Ufip B12 Earcreated 20" ride info?

    Is that definitely the series name? I know that earcrated is the name of the process that Ufip uses to make their cymbals, seems strange to me for one series to bear that name. Have a look on Ufip’s website maybe?
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