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Thread: Had a great gig on Saturday!

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    Default Had a great gig on Saturday!

    We played a local festival again for the 5th year in a row. It was our 2nd year as the main act and we're the only band to have played every year. It was a pretty good turnout considering the heat and other events going on. I'd guess 1500-2000 people in total attendance with around maybe 500 max at any given time. It was a fenced in parking lot of exactly 1/2square city block, and was pretty much 3/4 full at any given time.
    We played 4hrs, but there was a Blues duo that played for 2hrs right before us. They were FANTASTIC . The leader of the duo was a fairly well-known local "Blues personality" that's played with numerous local big name Blues artists/bands and toured. We let him use our PA system and perform under our shade canopy. He hung out with us after he was done and I invited him on stage to jam with us on a few songs. I didn't think he'd do it....but he listened to our first set and then went to his car and came back with his guitar! He joined us on stage for a drawn-out version of "Key to the Highway". Our two best lead players traded off on guitar solos with him. The guy is a fantastic guitar player and we absolutely nailed the song.
    When the song ended, he stepped up to a mic and announced to the crowd, "I just want you all to know that THIS is the greatest group of guys you'll ever meet! They've just become my second favorite band!". Then, he points to our lead/steel guitar player and says, "this guy here that's been playing the steel and lead guitar tonight....I don't think you all REALIZE how good this guy is. I've heard a lot of guitar players, and this guys is a MONSTER on guitar!".
    He shook all our hands and got down off the stage, but he hung around and listened to us for the rest of the set. He made sure to walk up to the stage and point and wave at us as he left. Yesterday, he posted the same great compliments and thanked us on our FB page, as well as sharing our posts.
    The complements and kind words are flattering, but to have someone appreciate our enthusiasm and love for sharing music with other bands and musicians means more to me than anything.

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    Default Re: Had a great gig on Saturday!

    That is a cool experience to encounter! Sounds like you and your band had such a great time!

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    That's outstanding Brian! Congratulations on the great gig (5 years running) and especially the compliments over the PA from the other musician. Those moments are what we live for.


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    Default Re: Had a great gig on Saturday!

    Very nice of him to share the limelight after you shared the stage.
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    Man, Brian, I got excited just reading it. I felt as if I was there. Great read and perfect reflection on the day.

    You did well, meshing with the other performer.

    All in all, I am very impressed with your review. WTG!!!!!!!!!!!
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