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Thread: Help with congas and sizes

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    Hope someone can give some input here

    I'm going to get 3 congas.
    Not expensive/pro level, but about $200 each.
    Meinl or LP. They are decent, no?
    I'm not a seasoned conga player, but not a complete newbie either

    Right now I think it will be:
    a 10" in the middle (quinto)
    a 11" left (conga)
    a 12" right (tumba).

    But I'm not sure.. does the type quinto/conga/tumba only refer to the size, or are they shaped differently in any other way?
    In other words: is a 10" conga = 10" quinto?
    Some shops only use the word conga, and never quinto/tumba.


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    The names may have more to do with the relative sizes to each other, and the role each drum plays in the pattern you are playing. It seems that the most common sizes in a 3-piece set-up are 11", 11.75" and 12". But with the dual congas attached to a single stand, it is usually 10" and 11". I guess an 11" can function as either a quinto or a main conga, depending on how you pitch the head and how you use it.

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    It's all about sizes. There is also requinto which is very small (9" or 10") and some make a super tumba (up to 14") so there are many sizes to choose from. The shape should be the same. What changes is the tuning range. The smaller the drums are, the higher they will tune and they will generally sound good at higher pitches. If you want more low end, get larger drums.

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