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    Hola chicos!

    After a hiatus I'm back and actually in this crazy land of the U S and A!

    I'm in the market for a 'standard' snare to go with my kit (1965 Premier 3 piece). It doesn't have to be vintage, just sound good I have a piccolo already, so no effects or crazy sizes, just plain and simple

    Also, I'm in the market for a ride, 20" to go well with my Z A 18" crash ride. I like to crash my ride, so would be nice to have a ride that crashes well, has a good bell, and sounds nice.

    I like to play all styles of music, so versatility is a plus

    I figure I'll give you guys a shot before I hit up CL and local DC area stores. I'm on the road right now, so if you are anywhere between the grand canyon and DC, I might even be able to pop by for a person try.


    Yamaha DTX 500 module
    Anatolian Kappadokia 14" Rock High Hats
    Sabian El Sabor 20" Ride
    Zildjian A 18" Crash Ride
    Istanbul Agop 16" Trash Hit
    1950's Zildjian 14" Splash/light crash
    Istanbul 8" Splash (pre 1997)
    Mapex Black Panther Steel Piccolo
    1965 Premier 3 piece 10, 16, 22

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    Snare: Can't go wrong with a Ludwig Supraphonic. I've heard guys in Nashville say that if they could only have one, it's the 5' Supra. You can do anything with it, so many sounds in it.

    Ride: Z 21" Sweet Ride. Crashable, good bell, nice mellow ride that can still deliver a ping. Can cover many genres - can do jazz all the way to rock (if you watch the wash).

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