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Thread: Double Bass getting worse instead of better?

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    Default Double Bass getting worse instead of better?

    Hey guys. This is my first post on this forum. I've been playing drums on and off for 2 years now but now that i have my own place and my own set I've been working real hard at it. Right now I'm stuck on this song. I'm trying to cover shepherd of fire by avenged sevenfold. There's a few parts in that song that requires me to do some double bass work. What's really crazy is that I used to be able to do it no problem! Full speed and 100% accuracy. Then all of a sudden, halfway through learning the song, My legs started tensing up to where it's affecting my performance and now I can barely even do it at half speed! Has anyone ever experienced something like this? It's really bizarre. I thought practicing was supposed to make me better not worse. My legs get so tense it almost hurts. How can i lose the tension so I can play like I used to? What else can I do to improve my speed and my accuracy? I tried googling it but no luck. Any advice is welcome.

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    Welcome to Drum Chat, Weathers95.

    Sometimes those things happen. Everyone has a different way to approach a cure.

    Me, personally, I'll step back, take a break, give it a rest for several days and come back at it. I can always work on other things.

    In my opinion, play for yourself not the song. Forget getting it right every time and just go at it like you don't care. Might help you to stay relaxed. I'm guessing you are possibly having anxiety about the section when it comes up. Just play through it and it'll all come back.

    Good question, too, by the way!
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    Default Re: Double Bass getting worse instead of better?

    I have a couple songs that I call my "golf swing" songs. Easy songs that I used to play spot-on without thinking about a year ago. Now, every time I play them I can't seem to get it right. The more I think, the worse it gets. In my case, it's 100% mental glitch. A hiccup in my giddy up, LOL.

    You may have something physical going a nerve issue or pulled muscle. Make sure your throne, posture, etc. is not creating physical issues. If not, I'd forget about the song for a month or two. Move on, have fun, don't think about it. Let your mind clear itself and and physical issues mend. Then, come back to it and see what happens. Just my thoughts.

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    Play the SONG......not the DRUMS!!!

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    Default Re: Double Bass getting worse instead of better?

    Thanks guys. looks like I'll be taking some time off the drums. I need to start working more anyway. I'll see how I do when i get back to it. I appreciate the advice.

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    Also, remember to stretch at least a little before playing and pay attention to posture. Some basic warm up exercises can go a long way too. Don't just jump into a difficult passage. If you push yourself when the muscles are cold, you can tense up as you described.
    Relax and have fun with it. Sounds like you might be over thinking it. We all do that from time to time. Good luck.
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    Default Re: Double Bass getting worse instead of better?

    Instead of trying to play along to the song try doing steady 8th notes on the kick with a quarter note pattern on the hi hat and snare at around 180 bpm, if you're having issues it could be caused by a number of different things:

    Throne height - Your thighs should be parallel with the floor or a little higher if necessary.

    Spring tension on pedals - If your springs are set too tight it's going to require too much effort to push the pedal down and if they're too loose the footboard on your pedal won't bounce back fast enough.

    Try loosening the springs on your pedals a bit and see how that works. Depending on what pedal you have you might be able to adjust the footboard angle and beater angle, I'm thinking it's an issue with your gear not with your legs if you were able to do it not that long ago without issues.

    Good luck!

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