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Thread: Tama S.L.P. Bubinga Snare

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    I was looking for a warm sounding snare with no budget in mind so the hunt was on. Think I read every review on just about every new snare out there and watched allot of video reviews. I narrowed it down to DW's 7"x14 Collector's and off to the music store 80 miles away as DW was having a sale. When I got there sad to say none in stock. I saw a whole wall of snares and one caught my eye.
    Tama S.L.P.Bubinga with black chrome hardware. I'm not one to go on looks so passed it by and asked the salesman about ordering the DW. As he was checking I was again drawn back to the Tama, had to try it. Yea close but still lacked what I wanted. Salesman came back with the info but something in the back of my head said Bubinga. " how much for the Tama?" What on sale...OK I'll take it.
    Got home changed out the batter head to a Evans Genera Dry and their was the sound I was looking for. OK I have a DW kit but this snare is everything I wanted in a snare. Well built, great finish...thanks Tama.

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    The S.L.P. series really is awesome and a great value. I'm glad more people are trying these out.

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    I have 3 or 4 tama snare drums and they are super impressive for sure.
    I absolutely love them.

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