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    First of all I want to thank everyone who responded to my last thread. With that being said I would like to say with no offense to any drummer's out there.
    I believe that we all have our own style of playing. That not all drummer's play alike. Some play sitting high behind the kit and some sit low. Bedsides who here doesn't have some back problems I think some of us do I know I do. No drummer plays like the next drummer. Going to try and set up my 7 pc.Gretsch catalina maple kit and work on learning more drum grooves.

    Keep drumming


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    That sounds like a plan and a half. Play your own way and have some fun!
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    Yes creating your own style makes drumming fun,good luck with your back.. sit up straight, be aware if you start slouching,have you thought of a throne wth a backrest?


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    I love a good 7 piece.

    Lots of variety and options.
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    A good fat saddle stool makes a world of difference for balance, endurance and comfort.
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