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    okay just a very simple overveiw of what the standered micing is on a drumset

    is it just a

    bass drum mic, snare mic, and overhead for toms and cymbals? and for better quality you get a mic on all toms and cymbals? how does it work.

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    I guess it depends on how you see 'standard'...

    The most basic you can get, I believe, would be one overhead mic. Professional mic'ing, however, would probably be one mic for each drum, and tow overhead cymbal condensers.
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    Yeah, toms definitely don't work well with condensors, you'll want to mic them individually or they sound really distant

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    whats a overhead cymbal condenser?
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    Something like This would be perfect for most live applications.

    I personally don't have over head mics yet because I haven't decided which ones to go with. Most places I go downtown, and most bands i've heard lately don't have overheads so its hard for me to decide what I like.  851

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreeew View Post
    whats a overhead cymbal condenser?
    Condenser mics pick up the cymbals, because of the way cymbals work, the tone comes from the resonance rather than the initial hit in most cases so it's advantageous to have the mics away from them to pick that up.

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    Dynamic mics work best for drums due to their tolerance of low, fast (transient) sounds.

    Small-diaphragm condensers (SDCs) are best for cymbals and acoustic guitar, due to their lightning-fast response and articulation of high frequencies.

    Large-diaphragm condensers (LDCs) are used for vocals, pianos, brass, and other instruments.
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    Ther eis close miking *one mike to everything with no bleed* There is condenser miking* One or somtimes two condensors picking it up* Or mixed. Where you have close and condenser miking..... Recording. You use both. You use the condensing recording then mix in the close for extra body and definition to the notes. With mastering involved.... naturally.
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