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Thread: Jam'n Jimmy

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    Default Jam'n Jimmy

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    Good chops for his age. Who is the masked man?
    - Tom

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    Thumbs up Jam'n Jimmy

    Keep an eye on that kid! Great chops for a little dude...
    keep the beat goin' ... Don't keep it to yourself!


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    kids gonna go far if he keeps it up

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    tony royster jr, look out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utopia
    kids gonna go far if he keeps it up
    You been talkin' to my wife ???

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    no...just yo mamma!...

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    Default Re: Jam'n Jimmy

    wow. that is seriously cool. nice tone, nice kit too
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    Default Re: Jam'n Jimmy

    I remember Jam N Jimmy..........and Whalin Wyatt was equally good on the guitar.
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