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Thread: Alesis Samplepad 4

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    Does anyone have it? There are lot's of different opinion's about it... But would like to hear something from people who actually use it.
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    I'm asking the same thing-does anyone have one of these things? I would like to know if it has the same mount as the older Samplepad, the standard 4 hole "module mount" as its called on the Alesis web site. Has a bit of a post to allow one to use a standard clamp to attach to a stand....

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    I have one. It uses the standard module mount. It's okay. I only use it to trigger a few sounds from an SD card. A couple of times it has failed to trigger, as though the SD card came unplugged and it lost the sounds. I have to remove and reinsert the SD card to reload the sound files. Overall I'm not impressed and will probably just replace my SPD-30 with an SPD-SX.

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