The Zildjian “S” Series

The Zildjian “S” series cymbals have arrived and are a very recommendable cymbal pack. All the cymbals are in a brilliant finish and the pack consist of 14 inch hats, 16 & 18 crash, and a 20 inch ride. The 20 inch ride & 18 inch crash are the stars of the pack. These two cymbals are every bit as sound worthy as my 20 & 18 vintage Zildjians. The only complaint of the 16 is it could be a little higher in its musical note, not a lot of separation between the 16 & 18. Still by itself a great sounding cymbal. The 14 inch hats are the master sound design with the bottom cymbal having the scalloped edge. Still getting used to that design but they do sound very good. So all in all a very good cymbal pack that I would recommend. I will use these with my new show kit for sure. See my Gretsch post on my new Catalina’s.