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    In addition to the vast amount of drumming information to be found at Drum Chat, here are some other valuable online lesson drum resources and drum websites within the network:

    Drum Tips - You'll find an amazing 2000+ tips for drummers at this site. You name it and there's a tip for it. Check it out!

    Drum Lessons Organized - Just about any drum lessons book or dvd you can think of organized by style.

    Drum Rudiments - Free online videos of all 40 official drum rudiments.

    Drum Tabs - Do you like tabs? You'll have access to hundreds of drum tabs through Drum Bum's tabs page.

    Drum Play Alongs - Music Without Drums! - Now you can play to drumless tracks where "you" are the drummer.

    Online Drum Lessons - Free online Drum Lessons

    Drum Lesson Videos - Some great drum videos over at Drum Bum

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    I am always amazed at just how much is available through Drum Chat.
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    Whether you play drumset or percussion, formal instruction can propel you forward. You can always learn on your own but drummers tend to struggle with knowing what to practice. This is where teachers via private lessons can be helpful. Consider printed books, drumset dvds or one-on-one lessons with a private drum teacher. You can do this with online lessons or through downloadable media. Or, you can always study with a private drum teacher at your local music store or drum shop. We recommend the latter as there is nothing like building a relationship in your hometown with a private instructor.

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    Drum Gear - See all 4000 threads at once. You'll have fun browsing this wealth of information readily accessible and at your fingertips.

    Drum Books

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