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Thread: My 7yr old son drumming

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    Default My 7yr old son drumming

    This is a video from June 2016 of a summer music club my kids were in and I helped with. They had this "solo" section and this was a song he felt most comfortable playing live. He had been playing for about 6 months at this point. He's pretty far past these beats at the moment, but it's fun to look back for sure.

    I'm playing guitar and it's tuned down a step for another song, they moved us up so I didn't get to tune back up so it sounds a bit heavier lol.

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    Default Re: My 7yr old son drumming

    blowery your son has the beat man give another 6 months and watch out. I think this kid has the knack to be a potential drummer if he keeps it up.

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    Default Re: My 7yr old son drumming

    He's definitely better than Phil Ruud.

    That's awesome man! I hope he keeps playing.
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    Default Re: My 7yr old son drumming

    thanks guys, his latest song is Clocks from coldplay and a few 21 pilots songs.

    I'll try and get some videos of us jamming some more. good times.

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