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    Have a question: Does anyone here know of a free software download for writing out your drum notes for a composition or solo? I am working on a solo for next years talent show at the VA. If not will I have to buy the software?

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    I tried and gave up...I was looking at stuff for mac, but the problem is the software doesn't allow you to break the rules of notation (since drum music does that ipso facto).

    Tried also via garage band and my ekit, that was a huge waste of time, of course, maybe I don't play accurately enough.

    I can download illegally here, so I was even looking into paid programs, still nothing...ask google!

    Good luck!
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    Sibelius is probably the best software for notation that I've used. I've heard that Finale is decent, as well. Unfortunately neither of them are free, although Sibelius First is pretty cheap.

    This page might help:
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