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Thread: Sabian bronze triangles ?

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    Default Sabian bronze triangles ?

    Do you have one, and if so, are you pleased with it ?

    I have been using a Tee-Don Landry handmade Cajun triangle in my percussion act for many years. Cajun triangle is a different animal than orchestral triangle... usually employed as a true rhythm instrument & timekeeper, more than just an accent or effect. I decided to look into an orchestral triangle, to augment my set-up.

    I didn't even know that Sabian made B8 triangles, until I started looking into it. They aren't cheap, but I've read nothing but praising reviews. Some say the B8 bronze provides a more focused and less shrill sound than the more common tempered steel varieties.

    I settled for the 6" Sabian hand-hammered model. Ordered yesterday from Steve Weiss. It was around $70 ...the hand-hammered ones are about $30 more than each non-hammered model of the same size. I hope to put it to some good use. 'More triangle !' -- ha , that will be my new motto.
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    I have not, however if you want the best standard orchestral triangle sound, Alan Abel is the way to go. There are many other brands and models with more overtones, but this is probably the most used and recorded triangle out there. I've wanted to get a Cajun triangle for a while and was looking at the same brand you have.

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