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I worked in a few different bands with female singers, it was always a huge No No for any of the male band members to get romantically involved with them, It happened once and it was a disaster , I ended up leaving the band, and I would never play in a band with a dating or married couple, it's tough enough as it is.
When I was on the road I played with a few bands with female singers . The booking agents always got more money when booking an act with a female in it . Same thing in Vegas . Bands with female members always got payed more .
In an 8 month span we went through three singers on the road . One went after the guitar player , who was married , and she was let go . Another hooked up with the bar manager at a club in Albuquerque and decided to stay there with him the last one was pregnant when she came into the band but didn't tell anyone in the band till she started to show . After that one I left the band .
Locally there is a lady who books bands . She at one time was a singer herself . She used her time at the gigs making contacts . Then she quit singing at got married , started a family . But she has a booking company now . She is very attractive and a great salesperson . So she can get a band a thousand dollars more per gig than if the band tried to book the gig themselves , and that's after her commission .
I had a girlfriend who was a singer and the band I was playing with hired her to do a 2 month road gig so we could make more money . That worked out great . The most fun I ever had on a road trip . But I left the band when the trip was done and moved to Denver . She didn't like the snow so ... we split up .
Women can be a Godsend or a curse . It all depends on the woman .