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Thread: What would be your top 5 snares under $600 each?

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    Default What would be your top 5 snares under $600 each?

    Hey yall, I'm looking to build my snare collection up. I have a few but I'm looking to acquire some more. If you could buy only 5 at no more than $600 each, which ones would they be and why?......tell me all the specs too. Also if you were to buy just one regardless of price, which would it be? I need some pro advice here. I'm just trying to build an arsenal of snares that would run the whole sound spectrum for recording and such. Sorry about being long winded here.

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    ludwig black beauty
    ludwig supraphonic
    tama g-maple
    pearl free floater
    pearl dennis chambers sig snare.

    i've also seen alot of custom boutique snares that could be had for 600 that are nice too.

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    DW Edge, DW 10&6 Ludwig, 402 supraphonic. Ludwig Black beauty, 60s Ludwig COB Hand Hammered, Yamaha Anton Fig

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