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Thread: A few questions about toms

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    Default A few questions about toms

    Im looking into getting more toms for my set. My set currently has one, but it doesnt sound the way I want it to. I really love the way that marching toms sound like. Is there a way to tune my tom to sound like that, or do I have to buy a certain kind of drum.

    Also in looking at toms I ran across piccolo toms. They seemed interesting. Has anyone used these and what do they sound like?

    Thanks for any help.

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    My advice is to just purchase a few toms of the same shell and tune them as you want. I don't think a quad or marching toms would sound right on a set, I also think they have different sizes then normal.
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    If I'm not mistaken, quads have no reso heads, so you might try taking the reso heads off of normal toms. Though you can probably get the right sound just by tuning meticulously if you have quality heads.

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    Cool A few questions about toms

    Good suggestion, shazane...except I would try tuning them with and without the resos on them before deciding.... marching quads also have a different shell cut (usually at an angle) that make them sound different from a conventional set...
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    Tune your toms higher and maybe take the reso head off.

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